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Milk Packing Machine Packaging machines "Cotraydi"
Manufactured entirely in stainless steel and finished 2500 to 3000 bags/hour per mouth Depending on the type of polyethylene used Top feed tank with modulating valve for level control Aseptic valves with vapour barrier for product feeding, washing and level control. Motorised metering control with opening and closing of the dosing unit. Automated with electro-pneumatic systems, PLC controlled Pulse sealing and potentiometer temperature regulation Development of the film by drive wheels controlled by frequency variator. Container cut by photocell or pre-established mechanical length. It has a dialog console to adjust parameters from the panel. Uses standard 320 mm wide polyethylene coils Coil-end sensors and thermo-sealing of the film in the new coil joint Filling volume from 250 cc to 1500 cc
Milk Packing Machine Semiautomatic bagging machine for bag in box "Bibar".
<ul> <li>Great versatility, with ease for changing packaging volumes.</li> <li>CIP technology, cleaning-on-site, and SIP, sterilized-on-site. Systems designed for automatic cleaning and disinfection, without the need for dismantling and assembly work.</li> <li>Easy operator interface.</li> <li>Possibility of gas exchange with nitrogen flushing.</li> <li>Low maintenance costs.</li> <li>Adaptability to customer needs.</li> </ul>