eDairyMarket is born from understanding that the future is now.

  • This story began in 2013 when it was decided to separate the Information and Contents provided in the news portal from the Businesses that were also carried out there.

  • Three dotcom operating in Spanish, Portuguese and English are created, becoming a global player in the dairy market and pulling content from sites and information; creating a perfect balance between supply, demand and information.

  • The first dairy e-commerce in the world.

    The creation of the first e-commerce dairy involves the birth of a new way to market to a whole market that only knew the way off line. From 2016 it was decided to unite the three sites into one,

  • Innovation in generating business.

    The platform on which develops eDairyMarket today provides the ability to create specific Shops On Line. In this way more possibilities open transactions and is no longer all in the hands of a single operator.

  • Any user who requires it, by prior agreement, can have its own online store, publish your offers on it, use your own name, brand, language and treat your audience.

    This paradigm shift in marketing dairy products market creates a great showcase for those companies that are difficult to visualize or whose businesses need to expand their borders.

  • The pillars of Dairy Market.

    Among the dairy products and ingredients available today in eDairyMarket, we can highlight: liquid milk powder, butter, cheese, fresh milk, whey, protein concentrates, blends and machinery.

    eDairyMarket is created to generate many combinations of products, services, supplies and sales as people and shops exist in its global network.

  • 80% of transactions has its variants and possibilities of adding new ones as part of the concept of e-commerce allows an infinite source of marketing possibilities.

  • Real-time services

    Internet is an extremely powerful tool today to handle business and information in real time. The fact of business consolidated and unified within an entity as eDairyMarket guarantees answers to questions and queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

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