Product Information

Analog cheese base (Pizza-type), is a powdered milk mixture for making economic spun-veined cheeses especially for pizzas. It is a good alternative to lower costs in cheese production. It is a product that does not need refrigeration which makes it much more versatile, since its shelf life is 1 year without losing its qualities and its storage is very economical. 


- Vegetable fat 25%.

- PROVELAC 25% Pizza Base

- Water 50%.


- Melt the vegetable fat to 50°C

- Add one third of the water 16.5 lts at a temperature of 45°C. Keep stirring until the water is incorporated.

- Add the PROVELAC base slowly, stirring continuously until the lumps disappear and increase the temperature to 65°C (this point is the most critical, because if the protein is encapsulated, very hard lumps are left, which are difficult to break up and the yield decreases).

- Add the other third part of the water 16.5 lts at 45°C until it is incorporated (at this point the color is added)

- Add the last part of the water 17 lts at 45°C until it is perfectly incorporated and has no excess of fat. In this process the temperature should be at 70°C.

- It is recommended to check the desired humidity in the cheese before adding more water. When taking the cheese out of the saucepan or the malaxative machine, it is recommended to give it a good kneading so that it finishes absorbing water and fat and leaves the cheese very smooth and elastic.

- It is not recommended to use liquid whey instead of water, since whey produces acidity during the time the cheese is on the shelf.

- Guaranteed yield 100 kgs of product.

NOTE: This base accepts the incorporation of return cheese in the preparation of the base. It is not recommended to add return cheese with mushrooms, since all the installations, including the cooling diffusers, can be contaminated.

- In PROVELAC website there are several video tutorials with more options on how to make extended grilled cheese. We recommend that you check them out.