Product Information

BALLYA Tests for the instrumental rapid method for the determination of antibiotics in milk

Rapid test strip for milk to detect antibiotic residues.
It can detect beta-lactam,tetracycline. 
Rapid One Step Assay
No equipment/device requied
Specifically match
Results in 8mins
Continuity from farm to table

Storage2-8 Degree
Package96 test/ Box, 54 Boxes/ Carton
Shelf life12 months
Model numberA20001
Test time5-10 mins

The test procedure of BT sensors milk testing kit rapid test antibiotics residues as 

1.Read the manual instruction before testing. Be sure the raw or commingled milk and test kit in room temperature. (Note: the milk must be fresh and has no precipitation or clot )

2.Open the pack, take out the test strip and sample-well, use it within 1 hour. The unused test strip must be sealed and out of sunlight and moisture.

3.Take the sample milk, let it become room temperature. Drop 200ul into the microwell, repeatedly pipetting up and down for 10 times, mix the with the reagent in the wells completely.

4.Then wait for 5mins.

5.Insert the test strip into the microwell with the "MAX" end fully dipped.

6.Timer 5 minutes, then read the results.


1. Low cost

2. Quickly, Safe, Easy and Simple to use

3. Precise Detect 3 groups antibiotic at or below MRL

4. Test at room temperature, no heat or refrigerate

5. Results visible, easy reading