Product Information

Product obtained from the whipping of selected pasteurized cream from raw milk shredding of excellent hygienic and sanitary quality.

  • Product Features:

Appearance: Solid, smooth and uniform consistency, unctuous.

Taste and smell: mild, characteristic, delicate aroma, without odour or strange taste.

Colour: yellowish white


  • Characteristics Physical-Chemicals:


Minimum Values

Maximum Values


Max. 16 %

Milk Fat (%)

Min. 82 %

Fat Acidity (%)

Max. 1,8 %

Peroxide Index

(meq de peróxido/kg MG)

Max. 0,5

  • Microbiological Characteristics:



Staphylococcus aureus coagulasa +/g

n=5  c=1

m=10  M=100

Mushrooms and yeast/g

n=5  c=2

m=10  M=50

Total coliforms (30ºC) (ufc/g)

n=5  c=2

m=10  M=100

Coliforms 45ºC (ufc/g)

n=5  c=2

m<3  M=10

Salmonella/25 g


  • Presentation:

It is marketed in block of 25 kg net weight, contained in corrugated cardboard box and inner polyethylene bag of 50 microns (minimum).

  • Useful Life:

It is recommended to consume within 12 months from the date of preparation, respecting the conditions of storage and showing no signs of damage or deterioration in the packaging.