Cheese Production Pool Fisher Agro

Cheese Production Pool Fisher Agro

Origin: Peru
Quantity: 100 Kg
Brand: Fisher Agro
Price: 3790 View Price
Product Information

Ø Model: QE-500.

Ø Application: Cooking and curdling of cheese.

Ø Capacity: 500 litres/load.

Ø Design: Jacketed tank / Pumped bottom.

Ø Structure: Base with 4 legs to be fixed to the floor.

Ø Type: Fixed / Product outlet valve.

Ø Includes: Cover / Relief valve / Thermometer.

Ø Accessories: Shovel / Horizontal lyre / Vertical lyre.

Ø Heating: 3 circular gas stoves. (Industrial)

Ø Temperature: 0°-200°C / Adjustable by knob.

Ø Jacket: Level marker. (Thermal oil / Water)

Ø Functionality: Practical equipment and easy to clean.

Ø Components: High durability and resistance.

Ø Weight: 320 kg.

Ø Measurements in cm: (150) high (190) long (95) wide.