Compact HTST Flash Pasteuriser "Unison Engineering"

Compact HTST Flash Pasteuriser "Unison Engineering"

Origin: Ireland
Quantity: 1 Lts
Brand: Unison Engineering
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Product Information
  • Capacity: 200l/hr - 2,000l/hr
  • Suitable for Milk, Cheese Milk, Juice, Cider, Beer, Wine.
  • Dimensions: 950mm x 1,300mm x 1,100mm

  • Your product can be pasteurized from just 1 cent per litre.

  • Unison Compact Pasteurisers come configured in single or double-deck form, specifically designed to meet your operational requirements.

    Benefits of a Unison Pasteuriser is Heat Recovery of up to 92%, a significant saving in costly energy. Our Pasteurisers are cleaned in place (CIP) meaning no need for manual cleaning, saving you precious time and money. The innovative, market leading Pasteuriser may be used for multiple types of products such as Milk, Juice, Cider, Beer and Wine.

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