Gouda Cheese

Gouda Cheese

Origin: Argentina
Quantity: 25 Ton
Brand: EdairyMarket
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Product Information

It is the ripemed cheese resulted from the milk coagulation by means of rennet or /and other sutable coagulant enzymes, complemented by the action of specific lactic bacteria. Minimun ripening 21 days.

  • Organoleptic Characteristics:

Semi-hard and elastic consistency no granular, white yellowish uniform cotour, lactic flavour, slightly salted, smooth solid and without cracks rind.

  • Physical-Chemical Characteristics:



Normal values


Among 36.0 and 45.9%

Among 40.0 and 42.0%

M.G. del E.S

Fat /

Among 45 and 59.9%

Among 53 y 56%

  • Microbiological Characteristics:



Normal values

Coliforms at 30 C/g

N-5 C-2 m-1000 M-5000

Maximum 100 ufc/g

Coliforms at 45 C/g

N-5 C-2 m-100 M-500

Maximum 50 ufc/g

Staphylococcus aureus / g

N-5 C-2 m-100 M-1000

Absense&0.1 g

Salmonella spp/25g

N-5   C-0 m-0

Absense/ 25g

  • Packaging:

Box x 4 unites

  • Presentation:

Whole Cheese x 4Kgr

  • Useful Life:

90 to 180 days

  • Preservation:

Less than 8°C