Hard Cheese

Hard Cheese

Origin: Argentina
Quantity: 25 Ton
Brand: EdairyMarket
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Product Information

A natural Parmesan cheese prepared from pasteurised milk, starter cultures, salt and rennet which is then matured over 12 months. It has a sharp, full and piquant flavour, is pale yellow in colour and has a hard smooth texture, typical of Parmesan cheese. It is presented as a wheel of cheese coated in a black wax and is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.

  • Compositional Standards:

Moisture: ​Not more than 32.00 %

Salt:​ Average 2.800 %

Fat dry weight:​ Not less than 32.00 %

PH: ​Average 5.25

  • Microbiological Standards:


Standars of aceptance

Category ICMSF

Testing Method

Coliforms/g (30C)

n=5 c=2 m=5000 M=50000



Coliforms/g (45C)

n=5 c=2 m=1000 M=5000


ALPHA 1992 c.24

Stafilococos coag. positiva/g.

n=5 c=2 m=100 M=1000



Salmonella spp/25 g.

n=5 M=0



Lysteria Monocytogenes

n=5 m=0



  • Physical Standards:

Appearance: A neatly cut, smooth yellow to creamy white coloured, solid wheel of cheese.

Flavour and Odour: ​A clean, full piquant flavour with enzyme type background and a slightly sweet note. It shall have a typical Parmesan odour with no off or objectionable flavours and odours present.

Texture: A firm, slightly granular but otherwise close texture.

  • Packaging:

Parmesan cheese is packed in approx. 8­9kgs random weight waxed wheels.


  • Storage and shipping temperature:

Parmesan cheese should be transported, stored and distributed under refrigeration conditions and the recommended transport temperature is 0­4°c.