Milk Caramel (Family)

Milk Caramel (Family)

Origin: Argentina
Product Information


  • Ingredients:

Obtained by the concentration and action of heat at normal or reduced pressure from reconstituted milk or milk, with or without addition of solids of dairy origin and/or cream, and added sucrose (partially substituted or not by monosaccharides and/or other disaccharides), with or without addition of other food substances.

  • Product features:

Appearance: Uniform, without sensory perceptible crystals.

Taste and Smell: Characteristic sweetness, without strange smells or tastes.

Colour: Characteristic chestnut.

  • Physical-Chemical Characteristics:




69 - 71oBrix


máx. 30 %

Materia Grasa


  • Microbiological Characteristics:


Acceptance Parameters

Method of analysis

Mushrooms and yeast/g

n=5; c=2; m=50; M=100

FIL 94B:1990

Staphylococci coag. Pos./g

n=5; c=2; m=10; M=100

FIL 145B:1990

  • Presentation:

It is packaged in different formats: cylindrical cardboard packaging with sanitary lining inside and may or may not contain a plastic bag inside, glass packaging, flex pack (laminated polypropylene//PE), polystyrene plastic pot and polyethylene plastic packaging, with different capacities in each of them.

  • Useful Life:

The shelf life of this product has been established taking into account the storage conditions and depends on the type of packaging used and its capacity.