Product Information

With 10ton/h capacity, 4section type (includes: hot water unit, cold water, separator and homogenizer). System converter plates are Germany GEA .1.4401 VT 40 H type and made with 316 L stainless steel with MBR gasket without glue and with Hot water unit system ( steam mix system, expansion source, 2.2KW hot water circulation pomp and steam charge volume with installments and system back Gag board is from original Samson type with position). The machine has 20secondes holding tube, tank balance(volume level control) with floater tap, product transfer pomp made with stainless steel with 4KW power, tap stream temperature control system, blinker light, automatic 3ways valve for changing the materials stream path. (GEA-TUCHEN HAGEN Diary system) Electricity board and handlebar system: - body and cabins all made with stainless steel - automatic/manual control for operator - signal light for steam charge - compressed air stream system ( regulator, dryer filter, manometer and additionals) - SAMSON temperature controllers - 0۫ -120۫ C temperature range