Product Information
  • Product Packing:
50 lbs multilayer paper bag with interior polyethilene lining. Also available in 1 mt polyethilene supersack  
  • Technical Specifications:
Colour (420 nm): 500 IU Max. Polarisation: 99,5 Mín. Moisture: 0,1 % Max. Turbidity (420 nm): 400 Max. Ashes: 0,150 % Max.  
  • Microbiological Characteritics
Total Coliforms: Less than 80 CFU/10g Fecal Coliforms: Less than 10 CFU/10g Aerobic Mesophilic: Less than 200 CFU/g Molds and Yeast: Less than 100 CFU/10g  
  • Components / Ingredients:
Sacharose: 99,60% Min. Heavy Metals: Arsenic: 1 mg/Kg. Max. Copper: 2 mg/Kg. Max. Plumb: 2 mg/Kg. Max. Iron: 1 mg/Kg Max. Moisture: 0,07% Max. Ashes: 0,10% Max. Sulphur Dioxide: 5 ppm Max. Notes: The Organic Sugar does not have additives, It is a product of the extraction of saccharose of the concentrated juice of the cane. This product must have total absence of impurities or strange elements.  
  • Organoleptic Characteristics:
Appearance: Granulated solid without aglomerattion Colour: Characteristic of sugar Smell: Characteristic of sugar Taste: Sweet   More Information about product