Product Information

Novel Técnica presents its ozone generator equipment for the treatment of cheese ripening chambers and environmental microbiological control in processing and packaging rooms.

Ozone can be used to control the microbiological contamination of environments and to control the development of fungi in spaces such as cheese ripening chambers. It can also be used for the microbiological control of brines.


- Ozone generation capacity: 5 g/h (fed with 6 l/min of oxygen)

- Capacity to treat environments: 

- Cheese ripening chambers: up to 450 m3 

- Processing rooms: up to 650 m3

The volumes of environments to be treated are referential, and correspond to the supply of the ozone generator with filtered compressed air. If the generator is fed with oxygen, the volumes are doubled.


- Filtered compressed air or oxygen: 6 l/min

- Single-phase electric power 220 V. Power consumption 400W

- Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 170 mm