Ozonized water supply system for dairy plants

Ozonized water supply system for dairy plants

Origin: Argentina
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Brand: Novel Técnica
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Product Information

This ozonized water supply system (dissolved ozone in water) is ideal for disinfecting surfaces and equipment in food plants.

Ozone, when dissolved in water, turns it into a very powerful and effective disinfectant, which in addition does not leave any type of residue, since, after acting, it decomposes into oxygen. It is a 100% environmentally friendly technology. The module of dissolution of ozone in water includes the system of gas-liquid contact with pump and injector Venturi.

This equipment works perfectly for surface disinfection (cheese vats, sweet vats, presses, micro-perforated molds, plastic crates, etc.). Easy to operate and does not require chemical storage in the plant.


- Ozonized water generation capacity: up to 2000 l/h at a concentration of not less than 1 ppm.


o Oxygen (min. 90%): 6 l/min

o Single-phase electric power: 1.3 kW

- Dimensions:

o Column height: 2500 mm

o Column diameter 110 mm 

o Water inlet and outlet connections: 1" female thread

o Ozone generator: 300 x 300 x 170 mm