Product Information
Skimmed milk powder A quality

    Subject for final confirmation

    Offer valid until 14/02/2020.

    CIF Price after request

    Export to Africa, Middle east, Asia.

General Specification

Physical and chemical parameters

Fat (max)                                 1,5%

Protein                                     34%

Lactose (max)                          52%

Moistture (max)                        4%

pH (max)                                   6,8


Acidity                                     max 7,5 SH/ max 0,15% ADMI

Scorched particles                    disc A,B

Antibiotics, inhibitors                 absent

Solubility index                           max 1,0


Microbiological criteria

Total plate count                       max 30.000

Coliforms, 1g                            less than 10 CFU/g

Enterobacteriacae                     n=5, c=0, M=10

Staphylococccusaureus             n=5, c=2, m=10, M=100

Yeast and moulds                     max 100

Listeria monocytogenes,            absent

Salmonella,                              absent

Listeria monoctogenes               absent

Shelf life:                                  12-24 months