Product Information

UF cheese Cup filling 4000 cups/h


1.      Cup feeding

2.      Filling machines

3.      Coagulation tunnel

4.       Packing machines

This system contain of cup feeding, UV case, filling machines, coagulation tunnel, packaging.

Machine Technical Specification:

Cup dispenser with UV steril lamp.

Step conveyor ss304

Antifoam &anti steak air atomizing nozzle

Servo dosing system with ball screw

product Tank & renet Tank with diaphragm level transmitter Control

push in & push out with motorized actuator

Coagulation tunnel with modular chain made by flexon or mcc

Conveyor washing system for coagulator tunnel

Infeed to Rotomin screw mechanism

Motorized Cuter mechanism

Parchment dispenser with vacuum check

Salt dispenser with check

Foil dispenser with vacuum check

Heat sealing with temperature control

Lid dispenser with vacuum check

Control system Siemens s7-300 PLC with Tuch screen op panel

All electric parts Siemens or Schnider electric

Sensor made by: Peperel- sick- Ifm

Conveyor made by Uni or Flexon Germany

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