50,000 Litre Pasteuriser "Unison Engineering"

50,000 Litre Pasteuriser "Unison Engineering"

Origin: Ireland
Quantity: 1 Lts
Brand: Unison Engineering
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Product Information

This Pasteurizer guarantees product quality, ready to supply to market. Unison Engineering Services Ltd. A fully automatic, easy to use, plug in Pasteurizer. 

Capacity 200-2000 L/hr dependant on required duty

・ Compact skid mounted

・ Automatic control panel with PLC

・ Capacitive touch screen display

・ Electric or boiler supply heating system

・ Flow diversion control valve

・ Pasteurizing sequence logged for downloading via USB port

・ Automatic dosing of detergents with conductivity control

・ Automatic water flush

・ Automatic balance tank level control

・ Automatic milk inlet valve

・ Online monitoring available

・ Can be integrated with Homogenizer & Separator

・ Fully certified 

Can deliver internationally. Get in touch to discuss your needs.