Unsalted Butter

Unsalted Butter

Origin: United States
Quantity: 25 Ton
Brand: eDairy Market
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Product Information

 Grade AA Quality butter (82 % Fat 16% Moisture) possesses a fine and highly pleasing buttery flavor. The color shall be cream to light yellow.

2 - Composition:

Grade AA Quality butter is made from sweet cream from fresh cow’s milk.

3 - Physical and Chemical Requirements:

                                          Limit                                   Methods

Butter Fat                       >82%                        Foss Food Scan/Babcock

Moisture                         <16%                        Foss Food Scan/Kohman Method

pH                                   4.0-5.5 IU

Curd                                 <2.0%

4. Bacteriological Requirements

                                                             Limit                                         Methods

Standard Plate Count          10,000 cfu/g (Max)              AOAC 986.33 – 989.10

E Coli                                            Negative /10g                    AOAC 991.14

Yeast & Mold                        <10 cfu/g (Maximum)          AOAC 997.02

Coliform                                   10 cfu/g (Maximum)          AOAC 986.33 – 989.10 – 996.02

Salmonella                                 Negative /25g                   AOAC 960801/BAM FDA

5. Proximate Analysis


Color                                    Cream to light yellow

Flavor                                       Clean, butter

Odor                                         Clean

Body and Texture               Smooth

6 - Shelf Life and Storage

Product is good for 160 days from date of manufacture if stored and transported at temperatures less than 400F (4.40C). Product is good for 1 year when stored unopened and at freezer temperatures. Product should be protected from odors and aromatic foods during storage and transport.