Whey Permeate Protein

Whey Permeate Protein

Origin: Poland
Quantity: 32 Ton
Brand: EdairyMarket
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Subject to final availability
Product Information

subject to availability - Homogeneous and fluid powder made from the portion of the ingredients, which remains after ultrafiltration of fresh whey from white cheese.

  • Nutritional Features:

Characteristic nutritional composition


Proteins (g)

2% Min

Fat (%m/m)

1 % Max.

Carbohydrates as lactose (g)

80% Min.


5% Max.

pH (10% solución)

6.0 Min

Titratable Acidity

0.15 Max.

  • Microbiological Features:



Total plate count

máx. 30000 UFC/g

Total Coliforms

máx. 10 NMP/g

Yeats and Moulds

máx.30 UFC/g


Ausencia /375g

  • Presentation:

In Kraft paper bags with polyethylene lining.

Net weight: 25kg or large 2,000 lb. bags (907kg)  

  • Storage:

The product must be stored in a cool, dry environment, away from light and below 29°C and with a relative humidity of less than 65% for maximum storage stability.