Product Information

Whey Protein Concentrate is an 80% soluble protein concentrate. It is manufactured from fresh whey using an ultrafiltration process.

  • Organoleptic Characteristics:

High protein content of high nutritional value.

Mild flavor

A staple food for athletes seeking muscle development

  • Physical-Chemical Characteristics:


Specified Values

Grease Matter %

4 Max.

Proteins Nx 6.38 (%m/m

35 Min

PH (10% p/v)


Humidity (%m/m)

4.5 Max.

Sales a 500/550 °C (%m/m)

8 Max.

  • Microbiological Characteristics:


Specified Values

Coliformes (30°c)

<10 NMP/g

Coliformes ( 45°C)

< 0.3 NMP/g

Staphylococcus coagulase positive

<10 NMP/g



Viable Mesophilic Aerobes

<30 000 ufc/gr

Mushrooms and Yeast

< 100 ufc/g

  • Presentation:

The product is presented in three-leaf Kraft paper bags containing a bag of polyethylene of 90 microns virgin crystal, with a capacity of 25 kg. Palletizing: 45 bags in standard pallet type arlog 100 x 120 cm.  

  • Useful Life:

In closed container 12 months from the date of manufacture.