Whey re-fatted  26%

Whey re-fatted 26%

Origin: Argentina
Quantity: 25 Ton
Brand: EdairyMarket
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Product Information

Mixture based on partially demineralised whey and vegetable oil for industrial use. It is a product resulting from the mixture of sweet cheese whey and palm oil, dried by the Spray method.

Micronized powder, light yellowish colour and characteristic smell, soft and uniform, free of visible burnt particles.

Contains authorised emulsifiers and antioxidants. Each batch produced is subjected to strict quality controls.

Product Features:

Colour: Slightly yellowish white.

Smell and Taste: Pleasant, not rancid, No strange flavors.

Appearance: Uniform powder without lumps. It shall not contain any foreign matter.

Microbiológical Features:



Gross protein (Min)


Total ash (max).


Humidity (max)


pH (min).


Acidity °Dornic (max).


Fat (min)


Lactose (min.)


Total mesophilic aerobic bacteria

< 3,0 x 105UFC/g

Total coliform bacteria

< 50 UFC/g

Escherichia Coli generic.

< 10 UFC/g

Salmonella spp.


Fungi and yeasts

<100 UFC/g


Bags of 25 kg of paper (two folds) and interior of polyethylene of 70 microns.

Useful Life:

Expiration 12 months.


As an ingredient in food for human consumption

  • For different types of food formulations

As an ingredient in animal feed.

  • Energy and Protein Contribution (Milk Protein in form of lactoalbumin and lactoglobulin) to the diet being an energy supplement for use in the formulation of balanced feeds in all of the species and all stages of development.

  • High digestibility for animals of any size age

  • In pigs it improves the digestibility of the fat fraction, the appetite and that translates into a noticeable improvement in the net energy intake.

  • Ideal in foods for the early ages.

  • Milk Substitute for calves.

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