Whole Milk Powder KMK

Whole Milk Powder KMK

Origin: Ukraine
Quantity: 50 Ton
Brand: KMK
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Product Information

Manufactured from fresh pasteurized whole milk by the spray drying method

  • Product features:

Appearance: Homogeneous powder without hard lumps.

Taste and odor: Slightly sweet taste, with typical pasteurized milk flavor, without foreign flavors

Color: White to slightly creamy

  • Physical-Chemical Characteristics:



Method Values

Moisture (%)

no more 4,0

3 hrs 102°C

Fat %

no less 26,0

ISO 1736

Protein in product (N><6.38), %

no less 24,0

ISO 8968-1/2

Protein (N><6,38, in milk solids-non-fat), %

no less 34,0

ISO 8968-1/2

Titratable acidity, ml 0,1N NaOH/lOgsolids-non- fat

no more 18,0

ISO 6091

Carbohydrates (predominantly lactose), %

approx. 38,0

by calculation

Scorched particles (32,5g)

Disc A


  • Microbiological Characteristics:



Method Values

Total plate count, in lg

no more 3,0* 104


ISO 4833

Grease Matter %

no more 10 CFU

ISO 4832

Enterobacteriaceae, in 1 g

no more 10 CFU

ISO 21528-2

Coagulase-positive staphylococci (including Staphylococcus aureus), in 1 g

no more 10 CFU

ISO 6888-1

Yeast and mold, in lg

no more 100 CFU

ISO 6611

Salmonella, in 25g


ISO 6579

Insolubility index, ml

no more 0.2

ISO 8156

  • Useful Life:

18 months from the date of manufacture

  • Storage conditions:

Store in cool and dry warehouse with good ventilation, yet without chemical/pet contamination, freezing or high heat. Protect from sunlight. 

  • Packaing:

25 kg in multilayer paper bags with polyethylene liner.